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You can get in touch with me at arabic.calligrapher(at) or via this form! Thank you!

Washington, Dc

Welcome to Arabic Calligraphy Design. I practice traditional and contemporary Arabic calligraphy, and do custom calligraphy for tattoos, design work, and original pieces. All my work is hand-written, I do not use computer fonts in my designs. To get started, have a look at the Styles page to see some of the different styles I normally work in, or if you’re interested in a tattoo, click the Tattoos page. When you’re ready, send me an email at, and we can work together on what you’d like designed.

Revisions Policy

I am happy to revise any piece of calligraphy I do for you! In the off-chance that you are not 100% satisfied with my work the first time around, here are my revisions policies according to project type:

Tattoos: 3 revisions for free, $10/word per further revision. If you would like to see the piece in an entirely different style, the cost is $10/word. If you decide before I start your piece that you have changed your mind and don't want it, I will refund you in full. Once I send you a piece, there are no refunds, just revisions. You are paying for my time.

Wedding logos: 8 revisions. 

Commercial work: Unlimited revisions

Original pieces: You confirm via email that the draft I have submitted is 100% accurate and represents the exact look of your piece, and once I have confirmation from you I do it on the final paper.

Statute of Limitations: If you do not request a revision within 2 months of receiving the work, I consider the case closed and completed, and while I am happy to revise the piece for you, the cost is $10/word. 

What I will not do:

-Design offensive phrases.
-Check the spelling of words you had translated. I am happy to translate, but only with the purchase of a design.
-Tell you the translation of examples on my site. They are examples of my work, not stencils for the taking.
-Tell you if the Arabic tattoo you got is correct.
-Redesign a piece of calligraphy to make it uglier. If you ask for a revision that will ruin the calligraphy, I will not do it.
-Cover up jobs. I can design a piece of calligraphy for you, but it is between you and your tattooist how they cover your existing work.
-Design pieces in the shape of: dragons, paw prints, faces, lion' s heads, or roses. They do not work. Trust me.
-Copy a piece you found on the internet. You can definitely send me inspiration images, but I don't outright copy other pieces.